New Swing-Trade Signal for 02/12/15


As per my post from earlier today on swing-trade systems using Bollinger bands, here’s a stock that has generated a signal for tomorrow (February 12, 2015). Senior Housing Properties Trust (SNH), which is a REIT.

The 50-day moving average is over the 70-day moving average, and the stock has had four days with the low piercing the lower Bollinger band (15 period, 2 standard deviations), followed by a ‘green’ day that does not have a low piercing the band.

If I were going to trade this, I would enter at open tomorrow. I would use a soft stop loss of 14% and would follow the rules here. That’s if *I* were going to trade it.¬†You on the other hand should do nothing of the sort, without thoroughly researching yo shizzle and making up your own mind about stuff. If you lose money, it’s your own damn fault. If you make money, I get all the credit.


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