Lower Trading Commissions? Just Ask!

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Celebrate lower commissions!

I have trading accounts with three different brokers, for reasons I won’t bore you with. One – the most expensive – I’ve been with for years. I won’t mention any names but you can probably figure it out.

In corresponding with them over a technical issue, I mentioned at the end of my message that I would trade with them a lot more if the commission fees were more in line with the other two brokerages I use.

That prompted an immediate reduction from $9.95 per trade to $7.95 per trade, with possibly lower commissions based on trade volume over a 30 day period. Yay!

Sure, it’s still a ways off from $4.95 commission (or less) that you can find at some of the smaller brokerages, but it’s a Good Thing none the less. And a $4 round-trip reduction will definitely increase my trading frequency with them.

See? All ya gotta do is ask.


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