Hard Yellow.

Last week did not turn the indicator to yellow, but today’s big drop definitely did. Yellow means a) maintain the status quo if you’re just trading SPY, or b) don’t initiate new individual stock trades if adhering to my recent testing. Or just enjoy the fireworks.


My breadth indicator has turned yellow. This means nothing in itself, just to keep the status quo but be aware that conditions might be improving. Yes I’m aware that the indicator has been red during an upsurge of the market, so “improving” might seem nonsensical. This indicator is a little conservative. I use it to time entries into individual stocks, rather than just trading SPY outright.

Yellow Again.

On Thursday, the indicator dipped briefly below the 75 threshold (74.82 to be exact). It is now above 75 again. The indicator is only “green” when the last ten days have been above the threshold. So it is officially yellow for now.

What should you do? Panic? Sell everything and buy gold and/or bitcoin? Er…no. Just wait to see where it goes.