The Indicator Has Turned Red

05/31/ 16 update: it’s back to yellow.

The indicator has turned red. Which might seem strange since it was such a big ‘up’ day today. But none the less, we have had ten days where the breadth diffusion indicator has been below the 75 threshold.

The good news is that breadth seems to be improving. So it might turn yellow and then green again over the next month…who knows?

The “rules” of this “trading system” ** say buy at the next open after the first green day, and sell at the next open after the first red day, which is tomorrow. So I don’t know what the official return would be. But if you’d sold at today’s close, you’d be up a paltry 1.78% from the April 12th open. Which beats a kick in the teeth I suppose.

** not really a trading system. This is just a general market health indicator.