It has been over six months since the breadth indicator was last ‘green’, but it has finally turned green again. I shall be putting in some long-term bets very soon.

One thought on “Green…Finally!”

  1. Hi Matt,
    I’m link here by the breath Index that was posted on and I think just in time for a little of suggestion on yr bullish stand of the market.. u might want to add a 5 day gain vs a 60 day(qtr) gain of the market. Basically, the 5 days(week) will show most stock not making any gain n if u take a diff. of the 60 and 5 days, u could c that the top gain stock have given back quite a bit. Meaning the trend is reversing fast.
    Anyway, here’s some insight from a seasonal pro just release today..
    [link removed]
    BTW, talking about seasonal, I’m interested in your trading day of the week seasonal post and was wandering how’s the code constructed…

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